E-commerce and SEO Website

The Painted Cupboard suffered from the same illness that most first-attempt websites experience - the aftermath of an inexperienced web designer to create their e-commerce website.

After exhausting the capabilities of their graphic designer, The Painted Cupboard turned to DRWS for our experience in creating search-engine optimized, e-commerce websites.

Their existing website which was on an out-of-date version of Miva Merchant.  DRWS migrated their entire product catalog to a newly redesigned, up-to-date implementation of Miva. This process required developing custom import scripts that would maximize The Painted Cupboard's labor in developing their original product catalog, while adding search engine optimization to each of the product category and product detail pages.

We created new search-engine optimized landing pages for each product line and created custom Miva templates for aggregating products into relevant search categories.

The completed project result in an improved serach engine placement for each of The Painted Cupboard's main product lines.  For most keyword combinations, their website returned on the first page in the organic results, up from the 2nd, 3rd or 4th pages where it previously appeared.