Dandelion Patch Dispatch

The consultants at Direct Response Web Solutions have a lot to say. Though much of it may not be appropriate for a public forum, we felt it was important to from time to time provide our insight on areas that are central to the success of our clients. We offer insight in business process, e-commerce, creative design, marketing, branding, application development, usability and occasionally we'll weigh in on topics of the day.

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Change your thinking: your website is not an expense, but a business asset

When we meet with potential clients they have a variety of questions that they would like answered prior to moving forward with a given project. The usual suspects include the following:

  • Who have you worked for?
  • Do you have any references?
  • Who on your team will we be working with?

At the end of their long list of questions is the one that they really want to ask:

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